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Just ideas - or disaster - will triumph
September 1.14
If today it is possible to prolong life, health and the productive time of persons, if it is perfectly possible to plan the development of the population in accordance with growing productivity, culture and development of human values, what are they waiting for to do so?

Reflections of Fidel
Objective truths and dreams
August 16.13
THE human species reaffirms with frustrating force that it has existed for approximately 230 million years. I do not recall any affirmation that it has achieved any greater age. Other kinds of humans did exist, like the Neanderthals of European origin; or a third, the hominid of Denisova in North Asia but, in no case are there fossils more ancient than those of the homo sapiens of Ethiopia.

Reflections of Fidel

The duty to avoid a war in Korea

April 5.13

A few days ago I mentioned the great challenges humanity is currently facing. Intelligent life emerged on our planet approximately 200,000 years ago, although new discoveries demonstrate something else.

Reflections of Fidel
The universe and its expansion

June 20.12

I respect all religions, although I do not share them. Human beings seek explanations for their existence, from the most ignorant to the wisest.

Reflections of Fidel
The unimaginable

June 20.12

YOGIS do things with the human body which are beyond our imagination. There they are, before our eyes, via images arriving instantaneously from vast distances, through Pasaje a lo Desconocido [Cuban TV program]

Reflections of Fidel
Nutrition and healthful employment

June 18.12

THE conditions have been created for the country to begin massively producing Moringa Oleífera and mulberry, which are sustainable resources [for the production of] meat, eggs, milk and silk fiber which can be woven by artisans, providing well-remunerated employment as an added benefit, regardless of age or gender.

Reflections of Fidel
Nicolás Guillén
June 18.12

Cheers Guevara!
Or better yet, from the American depths:
Wait for us. We’ll go with you.
We want to die to live as you have died,
To live as you live,
Che Comandante, amigo.
Beautiful final lines by Cuba’s National Poet.

Reflections of Fidel

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