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Reflections of Fidel
The universe and its expansion

June 20.12

I respect all religions, although I do not share them. Human beings seek explanations for their existence, from the most ignorant to the wisest.

Reflections of Fidel
The unimaginable

June 20.12

YOGIS do things with the human body which are beyond our imagination. There they are, before our eyes, via images arriving instantaneously from vast distances, through Pasaje a lo Desconocido [Cuban TV program]

Reflections of Fidel
Nutrition and healthful employment

June 18.12

THE conditions have been created for the country to begin massively producing Moringa Oleífera and mulberry, which are sustainable resources [for the production of] meat, eggs, milk and silk fiber which can be woven by artisans, providing well-remunerated employment as an added benefit, regardless of age or gender.

Reflections of Fidel
Nicolás Guillén
June 18.12

Cheers Guevara!
Or better yet, from the American depths:
Wait for us. We’ll go with you.
We want to die to live as you have died,
To live as you live,
Che Comandante, amigo.
Beautiful final lines by Cuba’s National Poet.

Reflections of Fidel
Deng Xiaoping
June 15.12

HE thought of himself as a wise man and, doubtless, he was. But he made a small mistake.
"Cuba has to be punished," he said one day. Our country never even pronounced his name.
It was a totally unwarranted offense.

Reflections of Fidel
Alberto Juantorena
June 14.12

HIS name is gaining strength as synonymous with the glory of Cuban sports. His age and health make him an ideal prototype for heading the Cuban Olympic Committee.
These predictions would seem to be the right ones!

Reflections of Fidel
Unforgettable Conduct
June 12.12

THE most revolutionary German I have known is Erich Honecker. Every human being lives in his or her era. The current one is of infinite change, in comparison with any other. I had the privilege of observing his conduct when he was paying bitterly for the debt contracted by the man who sold his soul to the devil for a few shots of vodka.
I retain for Honecker the most profound sentiment of solidarity.

Reflections of Fidel
Strange Days
June 11.12
A June 7, 2012 Internet article entitled "Assassin in chief" affirms that "… not only will a U.S. President be elected, but an assassin in chief as well."
"Thanks to a long article in The New York Times by Jo Becker and Scott Shane, ‘Secret Kill List Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will,’ we now know that the...

Reflections of Fidel
An honest clarification
June 4.12
A few days ago, on May 28, the violent combat at Uvero was commemorated with well-deserved recognition. An elemental duty obliges me to clarify the events.

Reflections of Fidel
The horrors offered us by the empire
May 15.12
A cable from AP, the principal U.S. news agency, datelined today in Monterrey, Mexico, explains it with irrefutable clarity. It is not the first and doubtless is not the last about a reality which demolishes the mountain of lies with which the United States attempts to justify the inhuman destiny it reserves for the peoples of Our America.

Reflections of Fidel
The 67th anniversary of the victory over Nazi fascism

May 11.12
NO political event can be judged outside of the period and circumstances in which it took place. No one knows even one percent of the fabulous history of human beings, but thanks to this history, we know about events which surpass the limits of the imaginable.

Pope Benedict XVI sends letter to Raúl
May 4.12
"WITH the pleasure of having undertaken my apostolic journey to Cuba for the 400th anniversary of the discovery and presence in that nation of the venerated image of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, it is a pleasure for me to express to Your Excellency and the country’s other authorities my deep gratitude for the...

Reflections of Fidel
What  Obama knows
April 30.12

The most demolishing article I have seen recently about Latin America was written by Renán Vega Cantor, professor at the National Pedagogical University of Bogotá, which was published three days ago by the website ‘Rebelión’ under the title "Ecos de la Cumbre de las Américas" (Echoes of the Summit of the Americas).

Reflections of Fidel
Sugarcoated realities fading away
April 18.12
I was surprised today as I listened to the speech delivered by Jose Miguel Insulza in Cartagena. I thought that the person who was speaking on behalf of the OAS would at least demand some respect for the sovereignty of the peoples of this hemisphere which were for years colonized and cruelly exploited by colonial powers.
- Asleep with his eyes wide open

Stephen Harper’s Illusions

April 9.12
I think - and I do not intend to offend anyone - that this is how one refers to the Prime Minister of Canada. I deduced it from a statement published on Holy Wednesday by a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of that country.

Reflections of Fidel

The marvelous world of capitalism
April 2.12

THE search for political truth will always be a difficult task, even in our times when science has placed a large body of knowledge in our hands. One of the most significant aspects of this scientific knowledge has been learning of and studying the fabulous power of energy contained in matter.

Reflections of Fidel
The need to enrich our knowledge

March 30.12
FILMED scenes of the slaughter in Libya, which are beginning to be made known, prompt outrage over the total absence of humanism and the gross lies which served as the pretext to invade and seize that country’s natural resources.

Reflections of Fidel
Difficult times for humanity
March 28.12
THE world is increasingly misinformed amidst the chaos of events unfolding at pace never before imagined. Those of us who have lived a few more years and are avidly interested in information can testify to the extent of ignorance with which we confront events.

Reflections of Fidel
The roads leading to disaster
March 22.12

THIS Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without any risk of being mistaken. Our species is confronting new problems. When I stated 20 years ago at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de...

Reflections of Fidel
The fruit which did not fall
CUBA was forced to fight for its existence facing an expansionist power, located a few miles from its coast, and which was proclaiming the annexation of our island, which was destined to fall into its lap like a ripe fruit. We were condemned not to exist as a nation.

Reflections of Fidel
World peace hanging by a thread
YESTERDAY I had the pleasure of conversing leisurely with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I hadn’t seem him since September of 2006, more than five years ago, when he visited our country to participate in the 14th Non-Aligned Movement Summit which took place in Havana, when Cuba was elected for a second time to the Presidency of this organization for a three year term.

Reflections of Fidel
The best President for the United States
A well known European agency transmitted the news the day before yesterday from Sydney, Australia. "A group of Australian investigators from the University of New South Wales announced the creation of a wire 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, with the same electrical current carrying capability of copper."

Reflections of Fidel
Marching toward the abyss
It is not a matter of optimism or pessimism, of knowing or not knowing elementary facts, or being responsible or not for events. Those who profess to be politicians should be tossed into the waste bin of history when, as is the rule, they have no idea of anything or almost anything related to this activity.

Reflections of Fidel

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