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Message from the Five Heroes
September 12, 2013
To the conscience of the world and the U.S. people:
FIFTEEN years ago today, September 12, 1998, the brutality of five simultaneous arrests burst into our homes to initiate one of the most shameful chapters of U.S. legal history: the trial of those of us today known as The Five.

Fill Cuba with yellow ribbons on September 12
May 15, 2013
Address by René González, anti-terrorist fighter and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, on Cuban television, September 3, 2013

I have acted in accordance with my principles
August 26, 2013
Fernando González Llort celebrated his 50th birthday, August 18th. He was only 35 years of age on Saturday, September 12, 1998, when, during the dawn hours, the FBI arrested him, but they have not been able to destroy his principles

René no longer a U.S. citizen
May 15, 2013
SINCE Thursday, May 9 at 2:00pm, René González Sehwerert is "just a Cuban patriot." At that time, in Havana’s U.S. Interests Section (USIS), he received the document certifying his renunciation of U.S. citizenship, a procedure which will allow him to remain in Cuba.

René González, a Cuban patriot

May 7, 2013
DURING a press conference in Havana, René González, one of the five Cuban heroes unjustly convicted in the U.S. for anti-terrorist activities, said, “My commitment to this people is the only possible response I can make to the solidarity, affection and support 11 million Cubans have shown me.”

René can remain in Cuba

May 6, 2013
ON May 3, Judge Joan Lenard accepted the request presented by René González to modify the conditions of his supervised release and remain in Cuba, in exchange for renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

"We weren’t even allowed to touch his hand"

September 27, 2012
"WE weren’t even allowed to touch hands, neither the girls nor I," affirmed Elizabeth Palmeiro, while recounting details of a recent visit to her husband Ramón Labañino, imprisoned in the United States.

René in Cuba
April 2, 2012
SHORTLY after noon on March 30, Hero of the Republic René González Sehwerert, one of the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters sentenced unjustly to long prison terms in the United States, arrived in Cuba for a private family visit

Miami judge authorizes trip to Cuba for René González
March 20, 2012
On the afternoon of March 19, 2012, it was announced that South Florida District Court Judge Joan Lenard, who has overseen since its inception the case of the Cuban Five, unjustly imprisoned in the United States, approved a motion submitted by the lawyer representing René González requesting that the judge grant René permission to travel to Cuba for two weeks in order to see his brother, Roberto González, who is gravely ill

Obama can order the release of the Five, Alarcón reaffirms
June 2
4, 2009
MATANZAS (AIN).— U.S. President Barack Obama can order the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in the United States, Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Cuban Parliament, reaffirmed.

Atlanta Circuit Court approves hearing on the Five
Dezember 18, 2003
THE Atlanta Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to a hearing of the case of the five Cuban political prisoners in the United States, scheduled for Miami City on March 10,2004.

‘We only want to see our husbands!’
November 21, 2003
“WE’RE not asking for authorization to visit the United States as tourists, or to work there; much less to live there. We just want to see our husbands!” emphasized Adriana Pérez Oconor, the wife of Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, in response to questions in a press conference at which she appeared with Olga Salanueva Arango, the wife of René González Seherwert.

U.S. government once again denies visas to wives of Gerardo Hernández and René González

November 18, 2003
ON Saturday June 20, 2003, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Olga Salanueva Arango and Adriana Pérez Oconor, the wives of heroes of the Republic of Cuba René González Sehewert and Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, respectively, lodged applications with the U.S. authorities for visas to travel to the United States in order to visit their husbands, unjustly imprisoned in U.S. jails.

"I want to go and meet my daddy!"

November 3, 2003
Just five years old, Ivette, the younger daughter of  René González, as well as the rest of her family, have been used by the U.S. authorities in a futile attempt to put pressure on René and secure his betrayal • Olga Salanueva, Ivette’s mother, recalls how the authorities refused to let her hold her baby when they deported her

Birthday greetings to Fidel from the Five
THE five Cuban heroes unjustly imprisoned in different U.S. jails sent birthday greetings to Fidel for his 76th birthday.

Cuban prisoners in Miami honored as Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, acknowledgement of their mothers and wives
December 30, 2001
BESTOWING the title of Heroes of the Republic of Cuba on Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Fernando González Llort, René González Sehwerert and Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Cubans unjustly imprisoned in Miami,...

Fidel leads protest rally in front of the U.S. Interests Section
June 2
9, 2001
PRESIDENT Fidel Castro led a militant rally at the José Martí Anti-Imperialist Tribunal, across from the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, in protest against the unjust accusations against the five Cubans held in the dismal and dark prison labyrinth in Miami.

René Gonzalez’s father was separated from his son for 11 years
ON the telephone he would assure his father: "I’m fine, old man, no problems." On the island they would doubt him and say: "he’s having us on..."

will return







Index | Judicial Process and Prison -- International Solidarity -- Terrorism against the Island -- Testimony by the heroes
They will return
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