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Havana.  Octobre 22, 2014

Caribbean Finals: Under-17 footballers going for glory

Having thrashed Guadalupe 5-0 in their debut, the Cuban under-17 football team will play Martinique in the final phase of the Caribbean qualifiers taking place in Haiti.

Yoesan Alonso (23rd minute), Serguey Campillo (39th) and Ray Charles (45th) scored to the delight of their coach Fidel “Jiqui” Salazar during the first half, while the captain Carlos Borromeo (51th minute) and Omar Romero (65th) made it 5 in the second half at the Sylvio Cator Stadium in Puerto Principe, where Martinque were also beaten by Jamaica 4-0 in the other match of group B.

The Cubans will seek to obtain a second victory in order to classify for the 2014–15 CONCACAF Champions League to take place in Honduras.  That competition will see four teams qualify for the World Cup in Chile 2015.  The Cubans also hope to secure 6 points before their meeting with Jamaica on Friday.

The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has eliminated the semifinals from the tournament, which means that the winner of group B will play against the champion of group A, including Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and Barbados, with the bronze medal going to the runner ups.


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