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Havana.  Octobre 21, 2014

Shooters Leuris and Eglys win
gold for Cuba

Roberto Méndez

Cuban London 2012 Olympic Champion, Leuris Pupo, and his compatriot, Eglys de la Cruz, Beijing 2008 bronze medalist, both won Singles titles in the Sixth Americas Cup, in Guadalajara, México, contributing to Cuba’s male and female team victories.

Another impressive performance
by Leuris Pupo won him gold in the
continental competition.

In the third of six rounds of the men’s 25 meter rapid fire pistol, Leuris Pupo from Holguin gained 292 points; finally taking first place with a total of 583, having achieved 291 at the Club Cinegético in Jalisco to lead the qualifying stage.

He triumphed in the final eight series with 29 clean shots in 10 rounds (he reached 34 in London 2012), relegating U.S. competitors Keith Sanderson (27) and Alexander Chichkov (21) to second and third place, respectively.

However, Pupo will have to try to qualify for the Rio Olympics during another tournament, as his result in this competition wasn’t sufficient.

According to the official event webpage, the other Cuban finalist, Jorge Félix Álvarez finished fourth with 17 shots.

Pupo with his 583 accumulated points, in addition to Álvarez’s 567 and Juan Francisco Pérez’s 562, put Cuba in first place on the medal chart with 1,712, followed by the United States (1,691) and Brazil (1,661).

Cuban shooter Eglis Cruz won gold in the Sixth America’s Cup held in Guadalajara, México, also classifying for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

Eglys, who had already won the women’s 10 meter air rifle event and with it a ticket to the Río de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, put on another impressive performance in the 50 meter rifle three-position, securing 583 points (194 kneeling – 194 crouching and 195 standing) in the qualifying round and finally winning gold in the overall event.

In the battle for gold, Eglys and her compañera Dianelys Pérez (581) both put up a strong fight, achieving scores far greater than those of their rivals over the 10 rounds to secure first and second place.

U.S. shooter Amanda Furrer (435.9) won bronze superseding her teammate Amy Sowash (425.1) with Cuban, Linet Aguiar (413.5), in fifth place.

Eglys, Dianelys (581) and Aguiar’s scores also contributed to the overall women’s team result (1,740) – a continental record, breaking the target of 1,732 set by their U.S. competitors Furrer, Sowash and Emily Holsopple, a little over a month ago in the World Championships in Granada, Spain, who this time took second place with 1,736; followed by Mexico in third with 1,687. (Excerpts from JIT)

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