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Havana.  November 13, 2014

A fierce but friendly rivalry

Oscar Sánchez Serra

VERACRUZ.—“A large part of our delegation is now here and we are happy to convey to our people the enthusiasm and high level of motivation felt by Cuban athletes, who have arrived convinced of their strengths and potential in all of the competitions in which they will participate,” said Antonio Becali Garrido, president of Cuba’s Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), upon landing in this city for the 22nd Central American and Caribbean games, which will be inaugurated tomorrow, November 14.

Becali reiterated that the athletes’ goal is to continue the country’s history of winning the medal count, as Cuba has always done - when it has participated -since the initiation of the Games in Panama, in 1970.

As for the rivalry between Mexico and Cuba, and the speculations circulating giving the advantage to the host country, Becali commented, “We are in a much-loved country, in a state of this nation to which we are fraternally linked, with strong historical ties. Here, in Tuxpán, the victory of our revolution was practically born, when the yacht Granma departed from its coast. But these same characteristics which unite us are also what give us the strength to come here, and fulfill our commitment to finish in a place of honor in the medal count.”

The INDER president recalled that, precisely in Tuxpán’s waters, Cuban rowers and paddlers hope to win the country’s first gold medals.

He added that Mexico is talking about 129 medals, saying, “No doubt they are very well prepared, but perhaps they are not considering the level of our athletes. I don’t think the analysis should be based on what happened four years ago in Mayagüez-2010, when we weren’t present.”

Becali concluded, “It will be a pleasurable rivalry, and contribute to the spectacle and the quality of sports in Central America and Caribbean.”

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