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Havana. November 6, 2014

Venezuela condemns U.S. blockade of Cuba

CARACAS.— First Vice President of Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN) Darío Vivas denounced the U.S. blockade against Cuba, an arbitrary policy imposed for over 50 years, but one which was destined to fail, he stated on November 5.

Vivas met with the Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, Rogelio Polanco, presenting him with an agreement approved before the AN, which supports Cuba’s report submitted to the United Nations on the need to put an end to the U.S. blockade.

During the meeting between the two officials, Vivas accompanied by other legislators, articulated some of the damages suffered by Cuba as a result of the policy, above all in the spheres of health, trade and food, among others.

Polanco expressed gratitude for Venezuela’s solidarity with the Cuban people, demonstrated once again on October 28 in the United Nations General Assembly, when 188 countries voted in favor of the resolution presented by Cuba, which demanded an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on the island.

On October 2, the AN described the U.S. blockade against Cuba as criminal and expressed its support for the resolution against the policy, approved over 22 consecutive years by the UN General Assembly.

The application of this form of economic, commercial and financial pressure is accompanied by strategies and policies which translate into harassment against the Cuban Revolution and people, the document states.

After presenting the statement, Member of Parliament Jesús Farías expressed gratitude to the Cuban people and their historic leader, Fidel Castro, for their bravery and dignity in the face of the blockade.

U.S. imperialism and expansionism within the region is responsible for such extreme injustice – a genocidal policy and violation of human rights which constitutes a unilateral act of aggression, Faría emphasized.

The agreement also states that successive U.S. governments have maintained this illegal attitude, which was denounced by President Nicolás Maduro during his speech at the recently held UN Climate Change Summit. (PL)

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