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Havana. October 28, 2014

Nicaragua, Ecuador and Cuba Among World's Best in Women’s Parliamentary Representation

Three countries from the Latin American and Caribbean region — Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba — are in the world’s top ten regarding women’s parliamentary representation.

Alba Palacios, a leading Nicaraguan parliamentarian

The Global Gender Gap Report 2014, released on October 27, ranks Cuba second, Nicaragua seventh and Ecuador eighth in the world.

The report's author, Saadia Zahidi, attributes much of the world progress in gender equality to more women entering politics and the workforce. "In the case of politics, globally, there are now 26 percent more female parliamentarians and 50 percent more female ministers than 10 years ago. These are sweeping changes - for economies and national cultures,” she said.

In the Latin American and Caribbean region, every country has succeeded in narrowing their overall gender gap.

Nicaragua is the best performer in the region and, for the third consecutive year, the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean to make it into the top 10 in overall rankings, which in addition to political representation also includes access to health, education and employment.

Globally, Nicaragua comes first in terms of women in ministerial positions.

Ecuador is the second best performer in the region. In recent years it has considerably improved its position and was one of the top five in improvement between 2006 and 2014 in the overall index.



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