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Havana. November 17, 2014

Latin America experiencing new times

BUENOS AIRES.— Latin America is today experiencing new times which, after 10 years of work resulting in undeniable achievements, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) is facing the challenge of consolidating itself, stated the organization’s Executive Secretary Bernardo Ál­varez.

The ALBA-TCP has the unique feature of brining together political forces which involved in a common project based on diversity, noted Ál­varez in statements to Prensa Latina. “In addition it understands that there are other mechanisms of integration in the hemisphere which play an equally important role, such as the Union of Southern Nations and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States,” he commented.

“We aspire to be a political consciousness for the left, for the world, for progress within new Latin American integration, with respect, but doing everything necessary so that the transformation and social agendas are part of debates in Latin American. This is where the challenge lies,” stated Ál­varez, adding that, the challenge also consists of continuing to promote and support integration and, to be an expression of this transformative political vision in the heart of Latin America.

The ALBA-TCP emerged as an alternative to the traditional integration structures which existed in the region and, 10 years later, “is today a powerful political alliance which assumes unanimous potions in defense of the rights of mother earth, human rights, against interventionism and war,” and which “evokes and works to preserve and reestablish pace and peoples’ right to self-determination,” he emphasized.

Another of the ALBA-TCP’s great challenges is the creation, together with Petrocaribe and Mercosur, of a Complementary Economic Zone, with the aim of encouraging political and economic ties and promoting the development of complimentary, just and balanced trade, highlighted Ál­varez, commenting that, “So far, these 10 years have been positive and serve as motivation to continue moving forward…to broaden the horizons of this mechanism of integration.” (PL)


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