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Havana.  July 4, 2013

Cuban cuisine, renewed and authentic

CUBAN gastronomy exhibited its seductive power and its professionals displayed imagination, creativity and a renovating spirit during the recent 5th Varadero Gourmet International Festival 2013, which took place in the Matanzas resort June 19-21.

Cuisine maestros evaluate the competition dishes.
Cuisine maestros evaluate the
competition dishes.

The Con sabor de mujer competition demonstrated women’s inventiveness behind the bar.
The Con sabor de mujer competition
 demonstrated women’s inventiveness
 behind the bar.

Representatives from 13 countries took part in the master lectures, presentations, tastings, combination proposals and cocktail and cookery contests during the event, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Palmares Business Group and the Professional training for Tourism System (FORMATUR).

Innovations in this edition of the Festival included the participation for the first time of private restaurants in Matanzas province, with a presence expected to increase next year, given the current boom of gastronomy within the self-employed sector.

The Cuban Gourmet competition demonstrated the strength of national cuisine in the daring and skill of its chefs, recognized by specialists from the Culinary Association of the Republic of Cuba, international chefs, sommeliers and professors at the Hotel Services and Tourism School in Varadero.

The Gaviota Group won first prize in the Gourmet contest, for presentation and excellence of service. The Salsa Suárez private restaurant in Varadero took second prize, with ideal menu combinations. Third prize went to the Gran Caribe Hotel Chain, for its members’ refined sense of style and preparation.

In the Fusion Cuisine category, the first prize went to the Don Qko private restaurant in Cárdenas for creativity and the exquisite combination of its dishes, accompanied by perfect blends.

No less outstanding was the Palco Group presentation, which won it second prize in a first participation in the event, for the harmonious combination of traditional national dishes and contemporary trends. Third place went to the Palmares Group, for its perfect inclusion of cigars and drinks at different points of its cuisine, with an interesting sensorial impact.

The Con sabor a mujer cocktail competition, a Matanzas women’s event, demonstrated the recent expansion of their incorporation into bar work.

During the closing session of the Festival, Liubersy Pérez, vice president of Palmares, noted how the gourmet concept is expanding and diversifying at the global level, "a fertile consequence of renewed sensorial impacts, as well as the exaltation of the origins, authenticity and socio-cultural attributes of the products obtained."

She explained, "All of this is strongly accompanied by ecological concepts, benefits to health and economic and environmental sustainability."

The 6th festival, once again at Plaza América in Varadero, April 9-11, 2014, is to be based around business executives and specialists in national and foreign food and drinks.

Varadero, located on the northern coast of the western province of Matanzas, is Cuba’s most important beach resort.


Menu dishes which won the Palco Group second prize in the Fusion Cuisine category:

Principal dish: Lobster with creamed potatoes and Serrano ham salt.
Principal dish: Lobster with
 creamed potatoes and Serrano
 ham salt.

Cold starter: Chicken salad in an avocado and cream cheese flute.
Cold starter: Chicken salad
 in an avocado and cream
 cheese flute.

Hot starter: Black beans with foie gras and glazed mango.
Hot starter: Black beans with
 foie gras and glazed mango.

Dessert: Camagüeyan crème caramel.
Dessert: Camagüeyan
 crème caramel.


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