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Havana.  October 28, 2013

Press release from the Cuban and Norwegian governments

U.S. citizen Kevin Scott Sutay, held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Army of the People (FARC-EP) since this past June 20, was handed over by members of the FARC-EP Eastern Bloc to representatives of the governments of Cuba and Norway and delegates from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an action undertaken with the cooperation of the Colombian government.

At 11:30am on Sunday, October 27, Mr. Sutay was released to representatives of the United States government at Bogotá Airport.

Mr. Sutay was given a medical check by the ICRC and is in a good physical condition. He will shortly be reunited with his family.

The Colombian government and the FARC-EP have thanked the governments of Cuba and Norway and the ICRC for their valuable contribution to the release and handover of Mr. Sutay to United States authorities.

The governments of Cuba and Norway reiterate their support for the peace talks and efforts to end the armed conflict in Colombia.

Bogotá, October 27, 2013.

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