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Havana.  May 23, 2013

Pastoral Platform demands justice for the Five

MEETING in Matanzas, the Cuban Pastoral Platform approved a statement supporting family reunification for the Five, "to put an end to an injustice which has continued unnecessarily over time."

Relatives of the Five with religious leaders who organized the May 14 demonstration of solidarity. (Photo:Hugo García)
Relatives of the Five with religious
 leaders who organized the
 May 14 demonstration of solidarity.
 (Photo:Hugo García)

The text was announced during a cultural-patriotic event in the Theological Seminary’s Resurrection Chapel, in this city 100km east of Havana, on May 14.

"The Five are not a number; theirs is a cause. It is Cuba’s cause and Cuba’s cause is the patriotic struggle of all Cuban men and women for the country’s full independence and sovereignty," states the document, read during the event by Yamilka González, a Seminary student.

The message commented that the "philosophy" of economic, commercial and financial blockade toward Cuba, "has always been an attempt to overthrow the state, the Cuban Revolution," which has been as violent as it has been unsuccessful.

Reverend Pablo Odén Marichal, deputy and coordinator of the Platform, explained that its foundation on October 7, 2011, was inspired by the example of love, unity and devotion of the Five in their struggle for peace and justice, against terrorism.

"The Five have taught us, as a people, as a society, the true meaning of José Martí’s ideas about world equilibrium," he added.

After participating in the event, Irma Sehwerert, mother of René González, emphasized to the press, "We very much need to break through the wall of silence surrounding the case and reach the people of the United States. We are going to continue struggling harder than ever."

Magalys Llort, Fernando’s mother, said that René’s release "gives us strength to continue the fight, so that the remaining four can return."

The activity was opened with words of welcome from Seminary Rector Reinerio Arce, and included cultural performances by traditional trova musicians, readings of Antonio’s Guerrero’s poem "Regresaré" and of texts written by Gerardo and René. (PL)


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