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Havana.  August 19, 2013

 “We will celebrate the best birthday of all together in our eternal Cuba” 

WASHINGTON.—Ramón Labañino, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorists sentenced to long prison terms in the United States, affirmed optimism in relation to his return to the country in a message to his compañero Fernando González, who celebrated his 50th birthday on August 18.

In spite of his unjust detention, which has already lasted 15 years, given the arbitrary sentences handed down to the Five in 2001, at the end of a rigged trial in Miami, he stated, “We Five are optimistic.”

Labaniño noted, “We will celebrate the best birthday of all together in our eternal, free and sovereign Cuba; the sun brings its light here for that reason,” he emphasized.

“There is a sixth extrasensory communication among us,” Labaniño affirmed, wishing in the name of all the Five, “that the return to the tender arms of the homeland will be as rapid as possible,” in reference to the fact that Fernando González completes his unjust sentence in February 2014.

He also conveyed the loyalty of this brotherhood born in the noble struggle against terrorism. “We are always with you,” states the text, distributed by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5, which concludes,

“Five embraces, because we are always five, including for ourselves,” PL reports.

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