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Havana.  June 13, 2013

"We won the trial"
Closing the ‘Five Days for the Five’ event in Washington, Hero of the Republic René González spoke with participants via a videoconference

Dalia González Delgado

RENÉ González, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorists prosecuted in the United States, described the trial he faced with Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando and Ramón as "an act of vengeance."

René González, Adriana Pérez, wife of Gerardo (left) and Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Friendship Institute, participated in the videoconference from Havana.
René González, Adriana Pérez, wife of
 Gerardo (left) and Kenia Serrano,
 president of the Cuban Friendship
 Institute, participated in the
 videoconference from Havana.

Participating in the June 3 videoconference between Havana and Washington, he recalled the many irregularities which occurred during the legal proceedings.

"This is not a case in which someone made a mistake in the application of the law," René said, "We are talking about a deliberate, methodical, calculated effort to violate the entire justice process."

"We won the trial," he affirmed, "Every one of the appeals were won and those who were responsible for their application have made a mockery of their own laws, of the evidence and the facts, time and time again."

The decorated Hero of the Republic recalled that, during the trial, journalists were paid to not only manipulate the truth but to act as spokespersons for the prosecution.

"The use that was made of the press in our case is something never before seen. The journalists even attempted to threaten the jury, filming their automobile license plates. The jury made complaints that they were afraid of the press," René reported.

At the same time he explained that U.S. journalists have been given orders to avoid talking about the Five. "It is shameful that within a society that talks so much about freedom of the press, orders have been given not to mention the case, a case in which we all know generals and presidential advisors testified, in which terrorism and U.S. national security were discussed."

Emphasizing the contradiction, René mentioned a trial some years ago in which a woman was accused of killing her daughter and "people took vacation to go to court, the press was bombarding the public with the issue."

He also recalled that as an alternative to the legal process, an executive order on the part of President Barack Obama to commute the sentences is an available option. "All he needs is a little courage," René emphasized, commenting that there are forces within the U.S which hope to prolong the situation, to maintain conflict between the two countries.

"Given that this has always been a political case, I believe that it is a political decision, if they respect the law or continue to make a mockery of it," he emphasized.

René thanked organizers of the ‘Five Days for the Five’ for their efforts, saying, "It is not easy to mobilize human sensitivity in a society like that of the United States. A lot has been accomplished; we have solidarity on all continents. Now we must direct all of this solidarity toward the United States," he said.


Also participating in the videoconference from Havana were Ricardo Alarcón, member of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Political Bureau, and families of the Cuban anti-terrorists. The conference served as an opportunity to summarize activities which took place around the world during the five-day event.

Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Friendship Institute, reported that while initially activities were planned in 34 countries, the number had increased to 55. "There has been an international mobilization that the government in Washington can no longer ignore," she said.

Alicia Jrapko, coordinator of the U.S. committee, highlighted the participation in Washington of Latin American parliamentarians, a European Union deputy, writers, jurists, trade union leaders, artists and a delegation of Cubans resident in Miami.

"Our expectations have been surpassed," she said, "For the first time, parliamentarians visited the capitol to appeal for the freedom of the Five and were received by members of Congress."

Ignacio Ramonet, editor of Le Monde Diplomatique, also in Washington, thanked organizers for the opportunity to participate in the event and described as a "scandal" the failure of U.S. mass media to cover the activities which took place, including a demonstration in front of the White House.

He also addressed the inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, saying this shows that the U.S. developed list "has no credibility whatsoever."

"From my point of view, the United States is isolated, just as it is in maintaining the blockade.

"This event is a way to help U.S. citizens become aware of the injustice which has been committed," he concluded.

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