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Havana.  October  8, 2014

The war against Syria: ‘Plan B’ of Obama’s hidden agenda

Nazanín Armanian

U.S. planes are bombing Syria, killing dozens of civilians, including children; all without the permission of Damascus or the UN, in violation of international law.

Barack Obama’s "Plan B" has only brought more death and destruction to Syria. Washington’s primary objective is to eliminate the constitutional government of Bashar Al-Assad.

Given the identity of the executioner and that of its victims, neither CNN nor the BBC have shown the videos of their deaths. For this same reason, there will be no condemnation or mobilizations against the State terrorism perpetrated with complete impunity by the U.S. and its allies, who over recent decades have uprooted the lives of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Yemenis and Sudanese, to name a few.

Israel has also exploited the situation, downing a Syrian bomber which was attacking al-Nusra Front positions. Whose side is Netanyahu on? Why hasn’t the ‘international community‘condemned this act of aggression against a sovereign State?

We are facing the seventh offensive launched by Barack Obama against a county which ‘coincidently’ happens to be majority Muslim.

Demonstrators from the anti-war group Act Now to Stop War and
End Racism protesting against U.S. military intervention in Syria outside
the White House in Washington.

It is not that the president is trying to discredit the Tea Party’s accusations regarding his religious affinity, if he wanted to do that he could attack Indonesia or Saudi Arabia. His motive is another: To dominate the heartland of Eurasia; control the entire Eastern Mediterranean – which was also one of his motives for overthrowing Gaddafi; humiliate Russia in its zone of influence; destroy the Syrian army for its links with Russia, as it did with Iraqi and Libyan armed forces and will do with the Ukraine; stop the construction of the Iranian-Iraqi-Syrian mega gas pipeline; triumph on the battle field and assume military control of the world to compensate for the economic crisis it is suffering; hurt china by pushing up the price of oil; make the UN even more obsolete and surround Iran on all sides.
With these objectives, in 2007 the U.S. launched ´Plan A´ against Syria, which consisted of:

- Carrying out covert operations, financing the right-wing opposition with the aim of overthrowing President Bashar Al-Assad; fueling criminal gangs to terrorize the population and generate disorder.

- Creating and arming terrorist groups they referred to as "rebels", the very same ones which ripped out and ate the hearts of Syrian soldiers, and whom later they referred to as "extremist murderers," when they killed Western journalists. They are the living copy of the Latin American death squads of the 1980s, trained by John Negroponte who in 2003 organized the "Special Forces" in Iraq.

- Turning Syria into a snare for Israel’s rivals in the region.

- Carrying out covert military operations such as the chemical gas incident in 2013, which they blamed on Al-Assad and used as a ‘casus belli’ to launch a military attack on Damascus.

IS extremists in Syria. Washington is using the terrorist group as a pretext to fulfill its hidden imperial agenda in the Middle East.

According to 12 former U.S. government agents, Al-Assad´s administration was not implicated in the incident. In addition, Russia’s veto on military intervention, as well as the absence of an effective alternative to govern the country (despite the possibility of doing away with Al-Assad by means of "selective assassination"), the ineffectiveness of the First and Second Geneva Conferences and the fear of a chaotic situation on the Israeli border, caused the failure of this phase of the "Operation against Syria," although it did serve to militarize the region and enable the U.S. to install Patriot missiles in Turkey.


Plan B consists of:

- Moving the "U.S. caliphate" of the Islamic State (IS) from Syria to Iraq, allowing it to easily occupy some 90,000 square kilometers of both countries, terrorizing almost eight million people.

- Organizing a propaganda campaign regarding the cruelty of the IS, as was done with the Taliban’s stonings in order to justify the "liberation" of Afghanistan, or with the killing of Kuwati babies by Saddam Hussein in 1991. Not to mention the Anthrax letters sent to the U.S. and the sadly notorious non-existent weapons of mass destruction of 2003.

- Dusting off the shady military agreement with Iraq which allows the U.S. to "re-occupy" the country whenever it considers it opportune.

- Swiftly replacing Nuri al Maliki due to his opposition to launching attacks on Syria from Iraq

- Breaking the taboo of bombing Syria, which last year Obama was unable to secure support for, neither within nor outside his country. Now in the midst of the chaos, if someone were ´suddenly´ to assassinate Bashar al-Assad, who would cry for him? The U.S. knows that Damascus cannot shoot down the planes invading its territory. The zone controlled by the IS, once occupied by soldiers commanded by the U.S., will serve as an operating base for the whole of Syria.

- Continuing with the Great Middle East Project, changing borders and regimes. Washington will send troops to Iraq, the majority Arabs, to kill the IS Arabs.

Hundreds of Yazidis, an Iraqi ethnic group, who managed to escape the persecution of IS extremists, heading towards the border with Syria, close to the Sinyar Mountain in Iraq. Photo: Rodi Said / Reuters.

Once Iraq and Syria have been wiped off the map, they will be used as an "Iraq-Syria operating base" to add to Afghanistan and Pakistan, two other States turned into "bases" during the previous chapter of the war on terror.

- The massive expulsion of ethnic and religious minorities from their homes which IS is currently conducting in accordance with the Biden Plan: "Divide, conquer and you will rule." Breaking up large States, grouping people together in specific zones to create their planned mini States. In Iraq, with around 30% mixed marriages, the scenes of Yugoslavia will be repeated: tens of thousands of people will be forced to separate and kill one another so that each aggressor country can have its slice of cake. This can happen in a hotbed of discontent such as exists within minority communities of the region, who suffer severe economic, ethnic, social, political and religious inequalities.

- That an Islamic group called Khorasan, more dangerous than Al Qaeda and the IS suddenly appeared in the press, is scary, not only because of the CIA’s ability to create terrorist groups, but also because Khorasan "Land where the sun rises" was the name of the region which during the Achaemenid Empire included part of current day Iran and the rest of the "stans" of Central Asia. Does this mean that this group will operate in Central Asia and Iran?

This is how the U.S. is attempting to restructure Iraq to its own taste, control its resources, consolidate its positions in the region and consequently hold Russian and China to ransom in other parts of the world.
Only an international movement for peace can halt and extinguish NATO’s destructive force. (Excerpts from Other News)


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