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Alice Munro: 2013 Nobel Literature Prize
October 24, 2013
THE Canadian writer Alice Munro may have summed up the principal human themes which impel her literature in her book Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage. And these, her personal demons, are so insightfully drawn that even if she might not have attained literary perfection, she came close enough for the Swedish Academy to award her the coveted Nobel Prize.

Fernanda on the big screen
October 24, 2013
FERNANDA, the famous little girl detective, admirer of Sherlock Holmes and Hercules Poirot, is the protagonist of a new digital feature film released by the Cuban Film Institute’s (ICAIC) Animation Studio.

Cuban son fever
October 24, 2013
IN 1920 son fever took off abroad with the creation and diffusion of son sextets and septets in Havana and all over the country. It became popular again in the 1940’s with the rise of Arsenio Rodríguez and son groups such as La Sonora Matancera, El casino and Los jóvenes del Cayo.

A review of the Cuban presentations

October 17, 2013
THE 15th edition of the Havana Theater Festival, scheduled October 25-November 3, is an event during which Cuban stages are opened to a great variety of trends, proposals and dialogues.

Miriam Ramos, Chucho Valdés and the Santiaguero and Ignacio Piñeiro septets nominated for Latin Grammy’s
October 11, 2013
THE discs Border-Free, by Chucho Valdés, La canción cubana, by Miriam Ramos, Vamos pa´ la fiesta, by the Septeto Santiaguero, and La Habana tiene su son, by the Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro are the Cuban recordings nominated this year for the Latin Grammy Awards.

Paco de Lucia once again captivates Havana
October 11, 2013
INTRODUCING the Paco de Lucía concert, part of the 5th Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival, the maestro himself advised, "This is an experience which will never be repeated, because he is always evolving. He is a genius who transforms flamenco without losing its tradition or magic."

Editus captivates audiences in Havana
October 7, 2013
THE Costa Rican musical group Editus recently enlivened Havana’s Plaza Vieja, an ancient setting in the Central Historic District, with a number of intriguing pieces including Viento y Madera, by Fidel Gamboa; Arístides Baltodano’s He guardado; Flor de canela, by Chabuca Granda, and Astor Piazzola’s Libertango.

Santa Lujuria in its third edition
October 7, 2013
The novel Santa Lujuria (Sacred Lust), by Marta Rojas, now in its third edition, invites readers, particularly in Cuba, Spain and Florida, to learn of the realities and fantasies of the wealthy and evil Spaniard Antonio Ponce de León, Marquis of Aguas Claras, and his bastard son, Francisco Filomeno, born in Cuba and the grandson of the conquistador of Florida, Juan Ponce de León.

Mario Carreño Centenary
October 7, 2013
MARIO Carreño (Havana 1913-Santiago de Chile 1999), exceptional artist, successful throughout several different artistic periods, is being celebrated on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, with an extensive exhibition at Cuba’s National Fine Arts Museum (MNBA).

A different and daring perspective

September 26, 2013

EVERY premiere from choreographer Rosario Cárdenas offers an intriguing option, given that it is always about a new perspective on dance.

Justice claimed for Víctor Jara, 40 years after his assassination
September 26, 2013
SANTIAGO de Chile.—On September 16, 1973, Chilean singer-songwriter Víctor Jara died from bullets fired by members of the military police involved in the coup against President Salvador Allende. Justice is currently being sought by his family and many others in the country against a number of these troops.

Argentine President receives La Colmenita
September 26, 2013
BUENOS AIRES.—Argentine President Cristina Fernández received in the Casa Rosada the Cuban children’s theater group La Colmenita, according to the Telam news agency.

Antonio Guerrero watercolor exposition inaugurated in Havana
September 19, 2013
Fifteen watercolors, one for each of the 15 years the Cuban Five have suffered in prison, in an exposition entitled Yo me muero como viví, (I will die as I have lived) by Antonio Guerrero, inaugurated September 11, in Havana’s José Martí Memorial.

Universal, novel, enriching
September 12, 2013
THE Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival is an exquisite event. The Maestro is always in the vanguard, a composer who takes risks. His conception of chamber music is very broad, and includes practically all music that can be performed in a small space.

Joseíto Fernandez and his Guantánamo sweetheart

September 6, 2013

THE slim young man in a guayabera (Cuban shirt) and white pants, two-tone shoes and a jipi-japa (Panama straw) hat, descended from the train at Guantánamo station without any great expectations. He had been contracted to sing at the city’s principal ‘colored people’s’ society dance; barely realizing it, he was buffeted in the shoulders by a crowd continuously shouting, "Joseíto, Joseíto!"

The real story behind "El Manisero"
September 6, 2013
AFTER its recording and distribution in New York in May 1930, "El Manisero" (The Peanut Vendor) by Moisés Simons, was seen as the first boom in Latino music which opened the doors of the music industry to the entire region.

The privelege of seeing films from around the world
September 6, 2013
OVER the course of a year, Cuban movie-goers have the opportunity to access world cinema, either through regular programming by the country’s often underappreciated theaters, or Cuba’s Cinemateca film library, or the much-awaited presentations at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, held every December.

And Giselle inhabited us
August 29, 2013

THE 70th anniversary of Alicia Alonso’s debut in Giselle is to be celebrated with seasons, exhibitions and publications which will bring back the prima ballerina assoluta in this jewel of romantic ballet.

Conga heat and sea breezes
August 22, 2013
YEAR after year, the Havana Carnival begins with the traditional nightly nine o’clock cannon-firing. This year, it took place the weekends of August 9 and 16th. The hubbub of the festival most awaited by Havana residents once again convened us to the capital’s lengthy Malecón.

La Colmenita in Argentina
August 15, 2013
WITH three projects, two in locations within the province of Buenos Aires and one in the capital, the Cuban children’s theater company La Colmenita begins its tour throughout Argentina, with hopes of extending its work to other countries in the region.

Teatro Papalote: Havana season
August 15, 2013

WITH fine sagacity, the Teatro Papalote (Kite Theater) of Matanzas has announced that it is "making its August" in Havana’s Guiñol Nacional Theater. This popular refrain is convincing because both children and adults in the capital are aware of this puppet group’s excellent performances and that every one of its functions becomes an instant success.

15th Havana Theater Festival
Cuba becomes a stage
August 9, 2013
The Cuban National Performing Arts Council (CNAE) has announced the 15th edition of the Havana Theater Festival for October 25 through November 3 and is confident that during these days, "The island will become a multiple stage."

Marlon Brando loved Havana's nightlife
August 9, 2013
Marlon Brando's visit to Havana in February, 1956, became a legend, in the world of celebrity-watching. The actors knowledge of the city and its attractions was surprising, a bit of a mystery to some.

Yailin Alfaro’s photography seeks reality

August 1, 2013
Observing the world through a camera and capturing an image can be a challenging and exciting experience. Although some speak of luck, there is no doubt that good luck must coincide with the intentions of an artist and photos are imbued with the photographer’s thinking about life.

Art on the Rampa invades Pabellón Cuba
July 23, 2013
Arte en La Rampa (Art on the Rampa) has become totally associated with its Pabellón Cuba. Both these points have been favorites for youth for decades and are dubbed by some of their most fanatical followers as "the heart of Havana."

Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba
July 18, 2013
AFTER a week of popular jubilation and the traditional burning of the devil in Santiago de Cuba’s Alameda Park, the 33rd Festival of Fire ended. It was dedicated this year to the people and culture of Colombia’s Caribbean.

Walks and wanderings: A summer program for families

July 11, 2013

AN opportunity to witness first hand the intense conservation work being carried out in colonial Havana, recognized as a World Heritage Site, is being offered as part of the Rutas y Andares program (Walks and Wanderings), organized by the City Historian’s Office (OHCH).

Havana delights in ancient music
July 4, 2013
A veritable event has taken place in Havana. The Lesser Basilica of the San Francisco de Asís Convent was the appropriate venue for two concerts of works not heard for more than 200 years.

St. Peter the Apostle Church declared a National Monument

June 28, 2013
THE majestic St. Peter the Apostle Church, looking down from high on a hill, is considered one of the architectural wonders of the city of Matanzas, in the western Cuban province of the same name.

Pachito Alonso: successful fusion of inherited and contemporary music
June 27, 2013
PACHITO Alonso is a respected name in a country of great musicians, whether these be composers, directors, arrangers or singers. He also has the advantage and handicap of being the son of Pacho Alonso (1928-1982), a singer who occupies a select place in the history of Cuban music.

Total restoration of Havana’s Gran Teatro
June 20,2013
Havana's Gran Teatro, one of the most important architectural works of the capital and the country, is undergoing renovation works estimated at 21 million Cuban pesos, and nine million in convertible currency (CUC).

Cha-cha-cha’s 60th anniversary
June 20,2013
THE cha-cha-cha has turned 60 years of age. Its beginnings were marked by the recording by the Panart company, in March 1953 of the single “La engañadora”, with “Silver Stars” on the b-side. That started the so-called cha-cha-cha fever, an unrivalled dance rhythm “even danced by Queen Elizabeth,” as one song goes.

Caribbean Cinema market in Havana
June 20,2013
THE first Caribbean Cinema market attracted to Havana persons from the world of film from 23 countries and proposed new looks at a reality minimized by the cultural industry.

Beijing Night in Havana
June 13,2013
THE 80 circus artists who accompanied Guo Jinlong, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, on his visit to Cuba, presented Havana residents with an impressive and spectacular show.

Leo Brouwer announces Paco de Lucia visit
June 13,2013
THE maestro Leo Brouwer has announced that Paco de Lucía, the internationally renowned flamenco guitarist and composer, is returning to the Cuban stage in October after an absence of 26 years.

National Ballet of Cuba: original spirit on its 65th anniversary
June 6,2013
IN the history of ballet, for any company or school in the world, 65 years are virtually nothing. The great Russian, French and Italian schools, for example, have 200-250 years of tradition behind them.

A rapid tour of the artist's life
May 30,2013
SERVANDO Cabrera Moreno is one of the highest figures in Cuban art. A painter and sketcher who knew how to draw from every source, from the resources and techniques of traditional styles, through all contemporary trends, including abstract art, cubism and expressionism.

International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium
May 30,2013
THE 14th International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium, on the life and work of the famous American author, takes place in Havana June 20 through 23, in celebration of 90th anniversary of the first edition of Ernest Hemingway’s Three Stories and Ten Poems, an event on this occasion, dedicated to Africa.

The National Museum of Fine Arts: centenary & contemporary
May 23,2013
The architectural complex of the National Fine Arts Museum, designed almost in the shape of a triangle in Old Havana, is a building of exceptional cultural value, and an essential visit for anyone who decides to explore the wonders of Cuban and universal art.

I prefer the Cuban prize to a Grammy
May 17,2013
TEGO Calderón expresssed his delight when he heard the news of his nomination for the 2013 International Cubadisco Award for the album Original gallo del país. "I didn’t know that Cuba had considered honoring me with an international award.

Adigio Benítez, exemplary art educator and revolutionary
May 17,2013
LOOKING back over the history of Cuban contemporary art and artists who profoundly committed to ethics and to their work in their era, the vanguard position of Adigio Benítez Jimeno, whose exemplary artistic and revolutionary mastery constitute his greatest legacy, would have to be noted.

Talking of Poetry
May 9,2013
THE first thing was discovering a void: simply, something was missing. But, suddenly, everything could turn around; without leaving their place, things were already beginning to be elsewhere. For me, poetry was not in the new unknown but in a new dimension of the known, or possibly, in an unknown dimension of the evident.

Fina, always modest
May 9,2013

WE know it all too well. Fina García Marruz does not like tributes, acknowledgements, grand stages. Her intellectual stature as one of the most important figures in current Hispanic literature lies within an essentially modest person.

César’ Portillo – A legend of Cuban music
May 9,2013

THE singer is gone but the song lives on. César Portillo de la Luz , who turned 90 on October 31, 2012, died on May 4, as a result of cardiac arrest. He was a fighter who never hung up his gloves. His work will always be brilliant. He is one of the cornerstones of Cuban music.

Raúl decorates Fina García Marruz with José Martí Order

May 2,2013
If one asked poet and essayist Fina García Marruz to mention a name, one name amongst the thousands she has heard in the course of her recently celebrated 90 years, she would surely give that of the Cuban national hero, the universal José Martí, to whose work she dedicated countless hours of study alongside her husband, the deceased writer and intellectual, Cintio Vitier.

Five very special prizes

May 2,2013
FIVE Special Prize winners have been announced, marking the opening of the 2013 Cubadisco competition, the winners of which will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Cubadisco International Fair, being held in Havana, May 18 through 26, dedicated to young people, concert music and the violin, with Ecuador as Guest of Honor.

A Century of Fine Art
May 2,2013
THIS year the National Museum of Fine Arts is celebrating its first 100 years. After starting its uncertain itinerary in 1913, it relocated to several venues in Havana (most of them not in a condition to house the first art works) until finally moving to its two current buildings, near Parque Central.

Alfredo Guevara: Loyalty, commitment and clarity

April 25,2013
Alfredo Guevara, founder of Cuban Revolutionary Cinema and one of the key promoters of the New Latin American Cinema, died in Havana on April 19, at the age of 87, as a result of a heart condition which had worsened over recent weeks.

Bejay: Racism, Cuba & the U.S.
April 25,2013

The ruckus that Cuban-American Republican Congress members Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros-Lethinen created over Afro-American superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s recent visit to Cuba, sheds some light on other issues that go beyond the hostilities from either side of the Strait of Florida.

Cultural Heritage
April 16,13
A total of 16 works were nominated for the 2013 11th edition of the Monument Conservation and Restoration Competition, to be awarded on April 18, in the José Martí Memorial.

La Concordia, an astonishing historical novel
April 5,13
WHEN, at 22 years of age, Evelio Traba first heard his grandmother’s fascinating story, he never imagined that the vague idea of turning it into a novel would become a dream come true for the young writer – that it would be so well-received and published so quickly.

2nd Festival of Latin American Monologue convened
April 5,13
TO celebrate the 124th anniversary of the Tomás Terry Theater in Cienfuegos, the 2nd Festival of Latin America Monologue has been convened for February next year.

Rosario Cárdenas, 2013 National Dance Prize
April 5,13
CUBAN dancer and choreographer Rosario Cárdenas has been awarded the 2013 National Dance Prize for a lifetime’s work.

The legendary Guiñol Theater
April 5,13

HALF a century ago, the efforts and dreams of Carucha Camejo, her brother Pepe Camejo and Pepe Carril for a national puppet theater, became a reality with the founding of the National Guiñol Theater (TNG). Puppet theaters were beginning to become popular with the emergence of groups in Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Santa Clara, Matanzas and Pinar del Río.

San Francisco welcomes Antonio Guerrero’s paintings

April 2,13

WASHINGTON.—A large number of San Francisco residents were present for the opening of the Endemic Butterflies of Cuba collection of paintings by Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorists detained in the United States.

Luis Carbonell: the living word
March 28,13
MAESTRO of words, poetry recitals and various generations of Cuban artists, Luis Mariano Carbonell reached his 90th birthday with the same oral lucidity which earned him the title of "Watercolor of Cuban Poetry," and made him one of the legends of Cuban and Latin American culture.

Regional culture for sustainable development
March 28,13
CUBAN Culture Minister Rafael Bernal described as significant the first meeting of ministers responsible for this sector in member countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and affirmed that such collaboration will contribute to cultural and regional integration.

A special heritage

March 28,13
MANY first-time and repeat visitors to Havana are surprised by the architectural eclecticism which gives the city its very particular flavor. Beyond the colonial style of the enclave of Old Havana, one can find surviving remnants of the "air of modernity" which characterized the city in the first half of the 20th century.

Wu Opera once again captivates the capital
March 22,13
 ART and dexterity functioned in unison on the stage of Havana’s Miramar Theater during a one-off performance by members of the Zhejiang Wu Opera, People’s Republic of China, on a second visit to Cuba.

International Book Fair ends
March 22,13

SANTIAGO DE CUBA.— At the close of the 22nd edition of the International Book Fair, Zuleica Romay, president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL), praised the efforts of organizers, publishers, designers, editors and everyone involved with the industry to make their work accessible to the public. She included published editions and the approximately 1,000 newly launched titles, to be completed in the next few weeks.

A growing cultural project

March 14,13
THE Alejo Carpentier Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Its fundamental objectives – to promote the study and dissemination of the eminent writer’s works and contribute to the development of Cuban culture – have been achieved and the project continues to grow.

U.S. Music Academy award for José Luis Cortés
March 7,13
THE U.S. Brooklyn Academy of Music has presented José Luis Cortés (El Tosco) with its Diploma of Artistic Achievement. The diploma was for the musical production and orchestration of the Red Hot + Cuba show, staged last December 1 at New York’s BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.


Better Dance Cuban-style
March 7,13
ALTHOUGH relatively new to the Cuban dance scene, the Yoldance Company is recognized nationally and internationally for its musical shows. The cast, directed by Yolena Alonso, has found a way of combining music, dance and drama without ever losing a Cuban authenticity.

Mario Goloboff: promoting writers
March 7,13
MARIO Goloboff, an Argentine writer and professor at the National University of La Plata, finds it difficult to say which of his two professions he prefers.

Book Fair Tours Cuba
March 7,13
THE 22nd International Book Fair, having completed its Havana stage, is currently touring Cuba’s provinces, before ending March 10 in Santiago de Cuba.

Lines and drums by Alejo Carpentier

February 28,13
"AS I was enjoying the marvelous performances of the group Biankomeko, I went back in time and imagined that it was Día de Reyes (Epiphany), that the cabildos were out and about in the Havana of those days, that they came in here, the Palacio de la Condesa de la Reunión and that she was on this balcony, dropping them the alms that were given to the Afro-Cuban groups who paraded through the streets, ending their route at the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, where the same thing took place."

A licensed genius
February 28,13
I have read and heard so much about director Eugenio Barba that when he was there in front of me I could only smile nervously.

Book fair concludes in Havana
February 28,13
THE first stage of the 22nd edition of the Internacional Book Fair was officially closed on Sunday, February 24 in the Nicolás Guillén Hall at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, the central venue of the literary event attended by 320,000 visitors.

A Book Fair for all
February 21,13
"WE would like to extend a warm welcome to the more than 700 writers, professionals and artists from 40 countries who are visiting us here and, in particular, to the official delegation from Angola. You will make this 22nd Havana International Book Fair unforgettable," affirmed Zuleica Romay, president of the Cuban Book Institute, upon inaugurating the most important festival of the arts in Cuba, which for 10 days will be centered around La Cabaña Fortress.

The poetry of Agostinho Neto bursts into the Book Fair once again
February 21,13
THE poetry of Agostinho Neto (1922-1979) is founded upon the life of his people. Although formally written Angolan literature – I am not talking about the rich oral tradition of the diverse ethnicities which coexist in that country – has various exponents dating back to the 19th century, already under Portuguese domination, the founder of the independent nation won, in his own right, a highly prominent place in his country’s literature prior to independence.

Juan de los muertos, best Ibero-American film
February 21,13
THE Cuban film Juan de los muertos, directed by Alejandro Brugués, won the Goya Award for the best Ibero-American film at the Goya Awards ceremony held Madrid, February 17.

Our America dances with Alicia

February 8,13
THE awarding of the ALBA Arts Prize to prima ballerina Alicia Alonso not only recognizes her artistic career spanning 70 years, but also her global contribution to the popularity of the Cuban dance school, which represents all of Our America.

Eduardo Galeano’s contribution recognized
February 8,13
URUGUAYAN Eduardo Galeano received the news that he had been awarded the 2012 ALBA Literature Prize just a few days after presenting in Chile his most recent book Los hijos de los días and publishing an article on the demonization of Chávez, which stated in its first paragraph, "Hugo Chávez is a demon. Why? Because he provided literacy instruction to two million Venezuelans who could not read or write, despite living in a country that possesses the world’s greatest natural resource, that is oil."

In praise of commitment
February 8,13
IT is no accident that Zuleica Romay Guerra introduced her latest essay, Elogio de la altea o las paradojas de la racialidad (Praise for a Crème-filled Chocolate or Paradoxes of Race), "A reflection of "new and old concerns." Her essay won the 2012 Casa de las Americas Extraordinary Prize for studies of the Black presence in contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean.

2013 Casa Prize awarded to Cuban Jesús Arboleya
February 8,13
IN a ceremony held in the Sala Che Guevara of the Casa de las Américas and attended by the Director, Roberto Fernández Retamar, Jesús Arboleya Cervera was awarded the Casa Literary Prize in the Historical and Social Essay category, for his work entitled Cuba y los cubano-americanos. Un análisis de la emigración cubana.

Ernesto Lecuona ‘s letters: An editorial surprise

February 1,13
AUTHOR Ramón Fajardo has another publishing surprise for the reader at Cuba's 2013 XII International Book Fair, the collected letters of the great Cuban composer and pianist, Ernesto Lecuona, published in two volumes by Ediciones Boloña of the City Historian's Office.

Is reading fashionable?

January 25,13
THERE are many book fairs around the world. However, the influence of new and multifaceted digital technologies is endangering the practice of holding a book in one's hands and reading ones way through it, particularly among young people.

Casa de las Américas Literary Prize: Continuing value and prestige

January 25,13
THE enormous number of entries for the 2013 Casa Prize, over 700, reveals the interest and prestige it has among writers of "Our America."

Annual Prizes and Book of Honor entries

January 17,13
THE NUTCRACKER, generally staged around Christmas and the New Year, could be the most popular ballet of all. The National Ballet of Cuba, directed by Alicia Alonso, presented its first national gala performance of the piece on January 1, 2013.

Frei Betto awarded UNESCO José Martí Prize
January 17,13
THE UNESCO International José Martí Prize will be awarded to Brazilian intellectual Frei Betto during the closing ceremony of the 3rd International Conference for World Equilibrium.

Cuban film Juan de los Muertos nominated for Goya Prize
January 17,13
THE Cuban-Spanish co-production Juan de los muertos, directed by Alejandro Brugués, is one of four films nominated for Best Latin American Film in the 27th edition of the Goya Prizes, awarded by the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinematic Sciences.

Mario García Portela mega-exhibition
January 10,13
THE original style of Cuban painter Mario García Portela stands out in his mega-exhibition Tierra oscura (Dark Land), 23 large-format acrylic on canvas pieces displayed in Havana’s National Library.

Cuban pianist Darío Martín wins International Music Prize
January 10,13
CUBAN Darío Antonio Martín García won third prize in the youth finals of the 3rd José Jacinto Cuevas National and International Piano Competition held in the José Peón Contreras Theatre, Mérida, Mexico, with the Piano Concerto, Opus 54, by Robert Schumann, conducted by Román Revueltas and accompanied by the Yucatán Symphonic Orchestra.

2012: Intense cultural life in Cuba

January 10,13
THE principal result for Cuban culture in 2012 was to have maintained an intense cultural movement, naturally with ups and downs according to provinces, and with highly popular grand events, Deputy Minister Fernando Rojas affirmed to Granma International.

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