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Havana.  November 7, 2014

Eight voices, a singular style

Livia Rodríguez Delis

Given the talent with which its members interpret great songs from Cuban and U.S. music, Voces negras (Black voices), a new Cuban group, has been appearing regularly at Havana’s most popular night clubs.

The group performs songs popularized by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Bola de Nieves, with a team of voices which embellish evenings at the El Gato Tuerto; El Parisién, Hotel Nacional; El Elegante, Riviera hotel; el Piano Azul, Capri hotel, among other renowned spots in Havana.

They are also frequently invited to perform at tourism conventions, Havana Fairs, and other exclusive events held across the country.

“In addition to having a producer and advisor, Voces Negras includes eight singers, the majority of whom are young and have no professional training,” explained Asela Peña, artistic director of the novel group which, on October 10, celebrated its 14th anniversary.

“This is a sui generis project, inspired by the voices of black people from New Orleans, whose repertory extends from Rhythm and Blues and Jazz to traditional Cuban son, because we can not lose our cubanía­ which is why we have aspired to these types of voices. Yaima is a lyric soprano; Fernando is a baritone; Leo and Darío are tenors; Yailín, a soprano; Yoanni is also a tenor; Yanara is a mezzo-soprano; and Ignacio Perdomo a bass.”

Despite having had only one international experience in their 14 year artistic career, specifically in Italy, the group’s director Asela highlighted that they have been gaining in popularity in Cuba and abroad.

“Alongside important professional music groups, we participated in a cultural encounter with 22 professors from the University of Texas, U.S. - a lovely experience. They thought Voces Negras were fantastic because, despite having no formal training, they were able to achieve such harmony and quality in the interpretations of those genres.”

Although, they are already part of the Adolfo Guzmán Company’s list of Excellence, a representation and production agency with the largest catalog of artists in Cuba and Latin America, its members are prepared for the challenge they have chosen.

 “We have many projects, and have to work hard on them with professionalism and talent, for the moment, we will continue working with our eight voices which give us a unique style, and enchanting magical Havana nights with our songs.”


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