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Havana.  October 31, 2014

Marti magazine goes digital

Nuria Barbosa León

With the aim of disseminating the intellectual value ​​of La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age), a magazine published by José Marti in the nineteenth century, the Center for Studies on Marti (EMC) has compiled a multimedia format of the magazine to provide information and explanations of the text, not only for scholars but also young people interested in going beyond a basic reading of the work.

The digital version includes the four editions of the monthly magazine, as facsimile and printed, the different versions of the text presented in Cuba and across the world, a range of secondary information to enrich, clarify and give more detail to the texts, as well as studies and the results of scientific research regarding the topics.

Hyperlinks help readers immerse themselves in the history, context, characters, dates, and even in the translations and original writings that can serve as informative background for the writings of Jose Marti, Cuba’s National Hero.

The product, developed by experts on Marti's work pays homage to the 125th anniversary of the publication of the magazine, which sought to develop ethical and aesthetic values ​​in both children and adults.

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