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Havana.  October 27, 2014

Veteran Cuban director receives National Television Award

October 24, Cuban director Julio Pulido celebrated winning the National Television Award, on the 64th anniversary of the arrival of this revolutionary medium to Cuba.

Cuban director Pulido received the National Television Award in recognition of his long career in Cuban television.

Renowned for programs such as “Sabadazo” and “Entre Amigos,” Pulido is an institution in this field, for which he was recognized on October 23, during the closure of the Cuba-2014 Radio and Television Convention.

The award is recognition of Pulido’s many achievements during his career which began in 1962, when he enrolled in the Cuban Radiofusion Institute, then recently created and now the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

The Convention ended on October 27, after four days of debates and presentations relating to the impact of various communicative models and the search for new avenues to be explored within the sector. 

The signing of agreements; workshops; fairs; mini concerts; and multiple exchanges between veteran and young directors to find new ways to break the global hegemonic discourse took place.

Some 600 participants from 27 countries converged on the Havana Convention Center, in a unique opportunity for local broadcasters and multinational channels to engage in dialogue and share experiences.

Another big winner was comedy show "Vivir del Cuento," chosen for its reflection of Cuban contemporary life and problems. 

Meanwhile, the Grand Prize went to television series, "Duaba, la odisea del Honor," by director Roly Peña, for his novel way of narrating Cuba’s history, with the aim of capturing the interest of the younger generation.


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