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Havana.  October 20, 2014

Let the Cuban fiesta ring out!

Photos: Carlos Manuel Montejo

Bayamo.— The conference De Varela al tambor: el parto de la nación, by Ernesto Limia Díaz was just one of the events that took place yesterday morning, October 19, as part of the Festival of Cuban Identity, which saw the participation of both locals and visitors.

Artisans’ exhibit in Bayamo’s Casa de la Cultura.

The Museo Casa Natal Carlos Manuel de Céspedes hosted the conference where Limia spoke on the key episodes in the creation of the nation, starting from the turn of the 18th century.

He recalled the night of October 9 1868, when the hero Jose Marti spoke at his barracks and also referred to the words of Céspedes on October 10, of that year, stating, "Their hearts vibrated … in the Cuban countryside, the doctrine that led them to saddle up the horses of war" which "turned them into soldiers ready to build the nation together".

Limia highlighted the role played by this intellectual vanguard, who had "the wisdom and boldness to present a national project that emancipated the slave to transform him into a comrade and soldier of the motherland". The event was attended by Julián González Toledo, Minister of Culture, along with dignitaries and leaders from the area.

Cuban identity was on full display during the festival this Sunday. As well as the many book launches, such as that of Signos, dedicated to Cuban rum, the inauguration of exhibitions and meetings, for example between Chinese descendents in Cuba and cultural researchers, a range of theatre and music filled venues across the city.

Children´s Theater Group Abracadabra from Camagüey

Other highlights of the program include the inauguration of the Francisco Vicente Aguilera hall in the Provincial Library 1868, in the presence of Gladys Collazo, President of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, the inauguration of the exhibition Litoral in the UNEAC, by Julio Oduardo Castañeda in celebration of 30 years of his artistic work and the performance by the dance group Furé ba in the Casa de la Cultura on October 20, together with the Yoruba Association of Bayamo.

Plazas across the city were decorated in preparation for activities by community projects, among them a performance by the Conjunto artístico integral de montaña from Granma and the Órgano El Serranito, while in the Ventana de Luz Vázquez, the site where the song La Bayamesa was composed, poets and trovadores came together to offer a range of songs and poetry.

The event also saw the awarding of the National Danzón Prize and music and dance performances from Bonanza, from Manzanillo; Sonbay y Bachata Cuba, from Bayamo; Septeto Nueva Generación, from Yara and El amor toca a tus puertas, from Guantanamo, among others.

Today, a waxworks of Juan Formell will be unveiled at the Museo de Cera and Los Van Van will close this year’s edition of the Festival of Cuban Identity.

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