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Havana.  October 1, 2014

Artistic and literary vanguard strengthen cultural institutions

The urgent need to strengthen the system of cultural institutions, in accordance with today’s requirements, must include the active participation of the artistic and literary vanguard, expressed Miguel Díaz-Canel, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, during a meeting held September 30, with members of the Presidency of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UPEC).

Díaz-Canel highlighted the institutions’ vital role in promoting civil and esthetic values, in particular through cultural work in the community, where projects of notable impact coexist with others which, despite good intentions, reproduce patterns of consumption which are removed from society’s best interests.

At a time in which our country struggles to preserve its gains and advance toward a prosperous and sustainable socialist model and in the face of attempts by the historic enemy of the Revolution to erode our values and principles, we must comprehensively consider the cultural dimension, in all its complexity, Díaz-Canel added.

He called particular attention to the attempts to erase the historical memory, romanticize the pre-Revolutionary past and demobilize consciousness.

After evaluating the monitoring process of the proposals established during the Eighth UNEAC Congress, held in April of this year, Díaz-Canel highlighted the importance of sustaining the momentum of the event which had addressed core issues and confirmed members’ commitment to finding solutions and new ways forward, but also emphasized the insufficiencies in the implementation of the proposals.

Miguel Barnet, President of UNEAC, detailed the tasks undertaken by the organization’s permanent commission and the actions carried out to implement the agreements, including revision of the Statues and Regulations promoting representation and the effective functioning of the organization’s structure.

In addition to the contributions from the presidents of associations, provincial committees and commissions, Abel Prieto, advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers; Julián González, minister of Culture; and Alpidio Alonso, director of the cultural sector of the Central Committee’s Ideological Department, also participated in the encounter.

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