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Havana.  October 13, 2014

Fidel es Fidel exhibition on
display in Austria

The exhibition Fidel es Fidel - in homage to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro - was inaugurated during the 4th Encounter of Cubans Residing in Europe, which took place in Vienna.

The exhibition by filmmaker and photographer Roberto Chile, consists of a collection of photos primarily taken in 2010 and which allow the spectator to reconnect with a world renowned figure, as is Fidel.

The presentation which took place in the Austrian capital was requested by the association of Cubans residing in Germany “The Star of Cuba” with the support of the Cuban embassy in the country and solidarity organization, Cuba Sí, reported PL.

During the inauguration, Hector Cork, director of consular affairs at the Cuban the embassy in Berlin, conveyed a message of greetings from photographer Roberto Chile to the participants of the Encounter. Almost 100 delegates from 23 countries participated in the event which began October 10.

The Encounter will conclude with a visit to Donaupark (Danubio Park), where participants will place a floral wreathe before the busts of José Martí and Argentine-Cuban guerilla Ernesto Che Guevara.


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