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Havana.  November 11, 2014

Dance in construction, blurring lines

To encourage creativity in dance which, as Mexican dancer and choreographer Ce­ci­lia Appleton noted, often emerges in the quietest echoes of a body which needs to express, through movement, what it wants to say, what it can not articulate or describe, will be the focus of the International Workshop for Young Dance Choreographers in Construction 2014, November 14-22.

In the Escambray theatre and neighboring areas of the mountainous territory in the country’s central region, creators from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Gua­da­lupe and Cuba will come together under the title of Dan­za, desdibujando sus fronteras (Dance, blurring lines), with the aim of exploring the different ways of realizing and considering dance, as well as its links and associations with other arts.

Organized by the National Council of Performing Arts with the collaboration of the French Alliance, the French embassy in Cuba and the French Institute, the Dance in Construction workshop includes in its program academic exchanges and master classes with choreographers Ace­rina Ama­­dor (Spain); Da­niel La­rrieu and Franck Ja­min (France); Cubans José An­tonio Chá­vez (Cama­güey Ballet); Clotilde Peón (National Ballet of Cuba); Susana Pous (DanzAbierta); Lilian Padrón (Danza Es­pi­ral) and San­­dra Ra­my (Danza Per­so­na).

Likewise, young dancers selected from among Cuba’s various professional companies and students from the Advanced Institute of Art will present their creations in public performances in the communities of Escam­bray and at the Mejunje cultural center in Santa Clara.

This event, which links the creative-investigative experience of the dancing body as a vehicle of communication, expression and performance, has become “a nucleus of analysis and creation based on invention, modulation, and transferences which traverse contemporary dance,” according to critic and researcher Noel Bo­nilla.

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