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Havana. November 4, 2014

Algeria and Cuba strengthen their fraternal ties

Nuria Barbosa León
Photos: Orlando Perera / ICAP

Cuba’s  solidarity with the people of Africa, and in particular Algeria, marked the speech given by the Ambassador of this Arab nation, Abdullah Laouari, during a ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the country’s independence struggle.

Abdullah Laouari, Algerian ambassador to Cuba, expressed gratitude for Cuba’s swift action in helping to combat Ebola.

In 1963, Cuba responded to a request by Algeria’s then President, Ahmed Ben Bella, by sending a group of doctors who worked in the country for 13 years. This marked the beginning of Cuban internationalism, through which more than 130,000 health professionals, to date, have offered their services in nations across the globe.

“The ties of friendship and solidarity which unite both countries are founded on respect, appreciation and selfless mutual support under all circumstances,” the diplomat stated during the ceremony held at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

“Algeria and its people, faithful to the principles of their Revolution, support Cuba’s legitimate claims, in particular its demand that the unjust blockade imposed by the U.S. be lifted. Just as the overwhelming majority in the most recent UN General Assembly vote,” the Ambassador stated.

Abdullah Laouari commented on the scope of the political meetings held in Algeria a few months ago, the preparations for the 19th Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission Session - scheduled to take place in the Cuban capital in December -, and the participation of Algerian businesses in the Havana International Trade Fair, currently taking place.

“We wish to strengthen, expand and diversify our exchanges in various sectors of mutual interest in accordance with the potential and complimentarity of the economies of our two countries.”

He ended his speech by highlighting the example of solidarity and humanism shown by Cuba in the fight against the Ebola epidemic, “Faithful to the principles of its glorious Revolution and despite its own difficulties, this Caribbean island has instinctively placed itself at the vanguard of actions taken by the international community in order to prevent the spread of this terrible scourge.”


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