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Havana. Nobember 3, 2014

Notable environmental impact of new coffee processing plant

Freddy Perez Cabrera

MANICARAGUA, Jibacoa. – A modern and completely ecological coffee processing plant has been inaugurated in the mountains of Guamuhaya, offering the possibility of a better quality product, as well as ensuring protection of the environment in the area of Jibacoa.

Notable environmental impact of new coffee processing plant

According to Edelse Navarro Jiménez, director of the Jibacoa Agricultural Company, the technology installed is capable of processing all of the coffee grown in the mountains of Villa Clara – close to 80 tons – as well as increases expected over the coming years.

The plant also stands out due to its notably reduced consumption of water, using only 400 liters a day, instead of the 80,000 required previously. 

Jiménez also explained that the new machinery allows for the shell and other waste to be stored and converted into organic material, rather than being dumped in a nearby lake, which previously caused considerable environmental damage.

Another advantage of the new plant is reduced consumption of time and energy, as far less electricity is used, with more coffee processed in a shorter time period.

The development of this novel technology in Jibacoa forms part of the innovations in coffee production in the mountains of Villa Clara, with the aim of increasing volumes in an area which can produce top quality beans, including the Crystal Mountain variety, considered one of the best in the world. 


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