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Havana. December 16, 2014

Machado Ventura praises sugar harvest progress at Mayabeque mill
• During a meeting with directors and workers at the Boris Luis Santa Coloma mill, José Ramón Machado Ventura praises progress made in the sugar harvest in Mayabeque

Alberto Gutiérrez Walón | internet@granma.cu
Foto: Carlos Cánovas

MADRUGA, Mayabeque.— José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, praised progress being made in the sugar harvest at the Boris Luis Santa Coloma mill during a meeting with directors and workers there.

Machado confirms progress made in the current sugar harvest at the Boris Luis Santa Coloma mill.

Machado Ventura stated that the mill’s positive efficiency indicators are the result of the quality of repairs undertaken, followed up by rigorous planning of the industrial process.

Emphasis was placed on carefully coordinating each stage of the agroindustrial process, taking full advantage of resources, and constantly supervising work, in order to produce to full capacity.

The Boris Luis mill has ground sugar cane at a rate of above 85% over 15 days, ten points above the programmed rate, and the industrial yield is at 8.37%, with a marked tendency to increase, affirmed Rodolfo Florido, mill director.

He said that the mill had also begun packing sugar for domestic distribution, and manufacturing byproducts used for animal feed, as part of diversifying the mill’s economic activity.

In relation to the present sugar harvest, the principal repairs were completed in record time and without affecting the demands of Technical Norm 52, Florido noted.

The capital reparation of filters; assembly of a new centrifuge; preparation of the final molasses tank; and improvements in the warehouse were among the central works carried out during the period immediately prior to the start-up of the milling process.

According to Florido, the combination of all these factors, both agricultural and industrial, will make it possible to once again meet the production target.

Machado Ventura was accompanied during his tour of the mill by Juan Miguel García Díaz, first secretary of the Party in Mayabeque province; Orlando García Ramírez, president of the Azcuba Sugar Group; and other provincial leaders.

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