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Havana. November 13, 2014

Cuba’s demographic indicators comparable to those of developed countries

CIENFUEGOS.— Demographic analyses carried out in Cuba show indicators comparable to those of developed countries, an achievement which does represent an additional challenge for the updating of Cuba’s economic model.

Rafael Araujo González, expert from the Center of Demographic Studies (CEDEM) at the University of Havana, stated that Cuba is the only developing country with a life expectancy comparable to those of developed countries.

Also the coordinator of the Cuba’s population dynamics project, Araujo González, said that the city of Cienfuegos has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the Americas, as 18% of its inhabitants are elderly.

He explained that the University of Havana CEDEM, in collaboration with the UN Population Fund, facilitates demographic research, training and popular education.

During the first workshop dedicated to the issue and held in the faculty of Medical Sciences in the province Cienfuegos, Araujo González also highlighted the country’s declining fertility rate.

Cuba is currently experiencing a reduction in birth rates, due to economic and social factors as well as the professional advancement of women, among others, he stated. (AIN)

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