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Havana. November 12, 2014

Díaz-Canel highlights the role of the teacher in forming social values

SANTA CLARA.— Educators are called upon to play a vital role in the restoration and formation of values, which in the future will contribute to the creation of the “educated and well-informed society we dream of for our children,” stated Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, after concluding a tour of various centers of economic and social interest in the provincial capital, Villa Clara.

We trust our educators, and the new generation of teachers being incorporated into classrooms, who employ their training and talent to overcome enormous challenges, stated Díaz-Canel, while speaking with teachers at the Octavio de la Concepción y la Pedraja semi boarding school, and Gerardo Abreu high school.

At both institutions, he inquired about the implementation of changes in teaching policy, in addition to training of personnel, and links with families and the community, elements which he described as crucial to achieving the objectives proposed for the current academic year.

At the UEB Sarex, an entity affiliated with the Luis Augusto Turcios Lima Textile Company, Díaz-Canel conversed with workers and inquired about the polypropylene sacks and cleaning utensils being produced, insisting on the need to meet planned targets, which are directly related to the imports situation.

During a fruitful exchange with Ángel Javier Acosta, the company director, Díaz-Canel emphasized as a priority ensuring the credibility of accounts and the development of an export perspective for the factory, in order to support the country’s economy.

He also visited the non-agricultural cooperative Aborigen, dedicated to popular food services, where he spoke with administrator José Miguel Hernández about the quality of offers, prices, earnings, and workers’ salaries.

The Cuban Vice President, who was accompanied by Jorgelina Pestana Mederos, president of the provincial government, and Norma Velázquez, member of the Party provincial bureau, also participated in a productive exchange with journalists from the provincial broadcasting company CMHW and other media in attendance, who asked about the fulfillment of the agreements established during the most recent UPEC Congress, among other topics.

During the evening, Díaz-Canel met with neighbors from constituency no.143, in the Vigía Sandino People’s Council, where he stressed the role neighborhoods play in resolving many of the problems currently affecting the community.  

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