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Havana. November 11, 2014

First international course on Ebola begins in Havana

Lisandra Fariñas Acosta

The Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine opened its doors Monday, November 10, to more than 100 medical professionals participating in the first international course on treatment and prevention of Ebola, which will continue through the week. The course was organized in response to a request made during the recent Bolivarian Alliance for the People’s of Our America (Alba) technical meeting focused on combating the virus, attended by representatives from 34 countries.

The course, according to Marieta Cutiño Rodríguez, a Cuban deputy minister of Public Health, is directed toward the preparation of health professionals in the region, “with the goal of continuing the training of personnel who will have the responsibility of participating in the prevention and control of Ebola in our countries.”

She reported that in attendance were delegates from 18 Latin American and Caribbean nations, and one African, as well as the Caribbean Public Health Agency, in addition to representatives of Cuban medical brigades working in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and Mozambique, among others. The faculty is composed of 18 experienced professors from the IPK, the Medical Sciences University of Havana and the Ministry of Public Health.

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