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Havana. November 10, 2014

Cuban educators prepare for Pedagogy 2015 international conference

Karina Marrón González

Preparations for Pedagogy 2015 are underway, reported Aida Terrero Lafita PhD, international relations director for the Ministry of Education (Mined), during a press conference.

The event is the largest organized by the ministry and local school professionals are directly involved in the planning. To date, numerous international participants have confirmed their attendance, and outstanding examples of Cuba’s educational experience are being selected for inclusion in the program.

Terrero Lafita also discussed the work of Cuban collaborators around the world, which at this time number more than 2,000 in a dozen countries.

Cuba’s well-known Yo, sí puedo adult literacy program is not the only educational effort being undertaken abroad, the ministry official reported, highlighting the importance of consultation being provided on post-graduate, early childhood, and technical-vocational programs, especially in African nations.

“The best of Cuba’s educational professionals are involved in this work,” Terrero reported, adding that the ministry is now taking on the export of educational services, given the prestige the country has gained in this sphere internationally. She emphasized that Mined is committed to ensuring that the sending of professionals abroad does not compromise educational services within the country.

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