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Havana. December 10, 2014

Cuban Interests Section in Washington issues press release
• Since February 2014, despite repeated efforts, the Cuban Interest Section in Washington has not yet been able to identify a banking institution willing to assume needed banking operations

Cuban Interests Section in Washington | internet@granma.cu

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington would like to inform users that our Consular Office, despite efforts made since February 2014, has not yet been able to identify a U.S. banking institution, one from another country established in the United States, or one in a third country, to assume the banking operations we require to guarantee normal functioning, and provide a full range of consular services, as a result of the tightening of antagonistic financial measures associated with the blockade policy imposed by the United States, and the unjustifiable, unsubstantiated designation of Cuba as a "state sponsor of International terrorism."

The Interests Section, while continuing to seek a solution which will allow for the normalization of its consular work, has decided to once again extend the provision of its services, through March 31, 2015, including the renewal of passports and their extension for Cuban citizens who have reservations to travel to Cuba. These procedures will continue to be handled by travel agencies which have relations with the Consular Office or directly with the Interest Section site in Washington, D.C.

The Interests Section reiterates that humanitarian requests will continue to receive expedited attention, and that, in accordance with current Cuban migratory regulations, Cuban citizens must possess a valid Cuban passport to enter Cuban national territory.

December 10, 2014

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