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Dear compatriots;

Friends from the world;

Once again the judicial mask of the most hypocritical society that has ever existed falls down exposing the true face of US imperialism and insulting the world conscience with a cynical message: Their own laws will not prevent them from securing the impunity of their own terrorists.

It has not been difficult to understand the meaning of the term change in the jargon of the US establishment --at least when it refers to Cuba. The web of crimes, genocide, arrogance and meanness that has shaped the psyche of this empire will not be disentangled by the election of a new charismatic president timely drawn out of a still oppressed segment of the American people. To us, the Five, who for over a decade have been treated with despicable viciousness and cowardice, it is but the reiteration of an already familiar moral: It does not matter how low our captors have fallen, they can always prove their infinite capacity to fall even lower.

For our families and for us any time is already too late to do us justice; and the same is true of the decimated native peoples; of the countries whose territories have been usurped; of the millions of human beings burned to death by incendiary bombs, vanished by accomplices to dictatorships, tortured under the advise of Yankee officers or massacred around the world by corporate appetite. It is much too late to do justice to the thousands of victims of terrorism against Cuba, the same terrorism whose prevention is our unforgivable crime.

We, the Five, can be considered fortunate in comparison with those millions of victims; innocent children of all ages; people of every race and creed who under all kinds of ordinary circumstances have become collateral damage; human beings deprived of the basic right to life in the safety of their homes, with their families, who have been suddenly and unexpectedly removed from their daily lives. We are five soldiers proudly and consciously occupying our trench, who have decided to rise for something rather than to fall for nothing. We are the living mirror of the moral values of a people where the enemy –helpless and full of rage-- can see its own lack of values, its spiritual poverty, its frail image and all its evils. We are five Cuban revolutionaries the enemy will never subdue, an enemy that will live every day of its life with the humiliation of not understanding why.

To the peoples of the world, the shamelessness of this process is but the repetition of an old lesson: We are facing an empire that will not stop before any crime if it believes it can get away with it. No ethical consideration or universal outcry will make it stop but the price imposed by resistance.

To the Cuban people, the real target of this act of vengeance, it becomes another reason to be united, to not believe in appearances, to always expect the worst from the aggressor, and to never cease in the construction of a society where the hypocrisy, revanchism, indignity, deceit and cowardice that fostered a process like ours are never taken for human virtues, as it is the case in the neighboring empire.

That will be the only measure of justice worthy of all its victims.

Ever Onward to Victory!



Enjuiciamiento y prisión Solidaridad Los Héroes Terrorismo La Patria los reclama Guía del sitio

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