Chavez: CIA Behind Coup in Honduras

CARACAS, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez requested Sunday that US President Barack Obama, to be pronounced against the military coup in Honduras, which he considered is carried out with the participation of the Central Intelligence Agency.

 In statements to television channel Telesur, Chavez stated that he rejected the coup "right from its bone marrow" and asked the Honduran military troops not to face the people that went out to the streets to request the return of President Manuel Zelaya.

 "The United States has a lot to do with this, Obama should be pronounced to reject the coup right from the marrow," the Venezuelan leader stated.

 He specified that elements, such as the fact that the Honduran press media are braodcasting cartoons instead of information, corresponds with the format of the Central  Intelligence Agency (CIA) for the coup.

 The format is to misinform the people, if it were not for Telesur that is locating in the heroic level in this battle, the images of the coup would not be transmitting, Chavez said.

 The South American leader assured that behind the coup, it is the bourgeoisie and the rich people that transformed Honduras into a banana republic, a political, military and terrorist base of the US and of the US empire.

 Chávez added that the coup was caused because he wanted to consult the people and  asked the military troops to meditate and not to generate a genocide.

 He also said that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), of which  nine countries are already members, among them Honduras and Venezuela, are in consultation and elaborating an anticoup strategy.


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